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Travis J.

Lead Guitars/live vocals


Full Name: Travis J.
Birthday: March 9, 1983
About Me:  I'm fairly easy to get along with ( some may see otherwise), I'm into good music, my favorite bands are System of a Down, Adema, Finger 11 Primer 55, Anthrax, Megadeth, Staind, Cold, and just about any new bands that totally kick @$$, I'm usually workin, tryin to save enough money to buy a Gibson Les Paul, If i'm not at work, i'm at jareds playin my guitar or at ken's just hangin around, I've had a lot of friendships gone sour, and i've had a lot of friends come and go, not leaving on a bad note, just leaving, My favorite football team is the Denver Broncos and i like having a good time
ICQ: 24091700
Gear List:
Jackson DK2 Dinky guitar
De Armond M-65C guitar
Peavy Predator Plus 7 string
Fender Acoustics
Crate Amps
ToneWorks pedal
Jim Dunlop Pics
Unknown cords
Unknown straps
Denver Broncos Hats

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