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Here is the story...........


A long long time ago, in a town in the middle of nowhere......
Jared Cagle and Travis Morgan wanted to start a band.  The only problem with this was they had no drummer and no bassist.  Jared started out on guitar along with Travis.  Finally, Jared picked up some drum sticks and picked up Edward Mekelburg.  Gopher-Purge was formed.  That lasted about 8 months before they called it quits.  Jared and Travis still jam with Eddie sometimes, but just a jam thing.  The summer of 2001 was nothing but a jam session with Jared and Travis in Jared's house banging away on Metallica and Megadeth songs.  In July, Jared started going out with his now g/f Amanda.  Practices went down and so did the moral.  Nobody was ready to give up, but it seemed like the only way out.  Then in December, Robyn Bartlett, a friend that worked at the same grocery store as the guys, hooked them up with Kenneth Kelly.  The lineup was not complete, but the 3 managed to produce a 6 song demo.  The hunt for a bassist was on.  Then in March they hooked up with a friend who went to school with Travis.  Josh Stewart began jamming with the band, and was signed to the lineup.  Now thats where they are today. 
officially formed January 2002