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Jared Wes

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Full Name: Jared Wes Cagle
Birthday: November 1, 1983
About Me:  I really love playing drums.  I get along with everyone if they are nice, but if people are mean then chances are I won't get along with them.  I love my girlfriend Amanda, and when I'm not at work or practicing, I'm at her house.  A lot of people seem to think I'm nice.  I havn't figured out the reason for that yet, but I guess I'll just go with it.  I'm a strong Christian.  God has blessed me in so many ways, and I'm so thankfull for that.  Whenever you think things are going bad, just remember, he's always there watching over you.  I don't write many songs..or when I do, nobody likes them, but every once in a while I will write a song that gets approval.  My favorite band include: Third Day, Green Day, Metallica, Megadeth, Staind, Newsboys, Aireline, and a lot of other local bands.  My favorite part of this band is recording, I love hearing what we've recorded.  I'm not full of myself, I just like hearing praise on our stuff, haha. 
ICQ - 74541334
Gear List:
Mixed Set(Pearl & Ludwig)
Pearl 16 x 22" Kick Drum
Ludwig 15" Mounted Tom
Ludwig 18" Floor Tom
Pearl 5 x 14" Snare
Zildjian 14" Scimitar Hi-hats
Zildjian 14" Medium/Thin Crash
Sabian 18" Medium/Thin Crash
Sabian 18" Medium/Heavy Crash
Sabian 20" B8 Ride
Gibralter Kick pedals
Zildjian Power Pro Sticks
Easton/Ahead Sticks
Remo & Evans Heads
Pearl and Tama Hardware
(More Denver Broncos hats than TJ)

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